Note 49: I wonder if CodeGear can find a way to freely distribute a “Delphi Runtime Environment” including the core Delphi runtime packages like Microsoft does with the .Net runtime and Sun with the JRE. This will make end users aware of the fact so many programs use Delphi, simplify deployment for smaller shops, and push the Delphi brand outside its niche. Certainly, a very big runtime with frequent updates can pose a burden, but a focused version, limited to core packages and possibly deployed as a single file or a very small set of files, would be a very interesting experiments. And if CodeGear is not interested, maybe the Delphi Developers Community can agree on this distribution model.

Needless to day I'm open to help a "community process" around this idea. This blog post is part of my "113 Delphi 2007 Handbook Notes" blogging project, to promote my new Delphi book.