Due to my kids wake up time (they get asleep again faster than I do) I was up early this morning. I checked my blog and saw it was very slow. "Odd", I though, "the site is usually quite fast". Minutes later I saw on delphifeeds.com a post by Dennis Gurock on the problems at Google Analytics. As many others have probably done, I've removed the troublesome JavaScript file inclusion and the site was fast again. Many posts (including this one) can help fixing the problem, but I decided on don't really to run Analytics on this site and should go back learning how to use AWStats instead. The more interconnected our web sites become and the more we increase the points of failure. Lesson learned.

I kept looking around and saw some interesting announcements about a forthcoming Google CL2 Calendar. Intriguinig. I also notice that Google has bought Upstartle (see also this link), the makers of Writely, an astonishing site that allows two people to edit the same online text document at the same time. If you need collaboration, including remote collaboration, the concept is impressive, indeed. Let's see what Google makes if it. Google Office?

Finally, I've created an account on Google Video as I plan creating some Delphi training videos (some for free, some for a fee) and upload them to their service. Seems a nice site so far... I'll keep you posted.


I've found tons of blog posts about the subjects I've touched here... Anders Bylund on arstechnica tels more about CL2, while Eric Bangeman on the same site discusses Writely acquisition. Actually, this has hit major news, something I did not suspect when I blogged, as this is for sure not a well known site. Anything Google does, it is news. (Why don't we spread the rumor they want to buy Delphi? Danny, can you help us? This will make the news!)