Google has announced the release of a new web browser for today. The new browser will be called "Google Chrome". See more info on:

Having read the rather long strip introducing the new browser, which details the process model (each page will have a browser process, to avoid hanging the entire browser), its memory model (tied to the process model), its user interface style (with tabs for entire pages including the URL or smart bar and detachable pages so that you can run GMail as a stand alone program), its programmers support (using extensions, Google Gears, and more)... I agree with the shared conclusion that this will be more than a browser and could easily get a large users base. Truly it might affect Firefox, but to the public at large Mozilla is not a known brand, Google is. So this is more more direct attack to Microsoft, offers a complete alternative to the .NET architecture (with its own JavaScript virtual machine and garbage collector, for example). Plus it will be open source. Not a bad move... I'm only sad I'll have little time in the next few days as I'm busy with the Delphi 2009 book.