Interesting news today, Google adopts Kinetics for GMail and Joel Spolski announces a new site. The Google initiative, meant to revolutionaize GMail, is discussed in the video below:

 For more information visit the web site, and sign up for the beta, free to all GMail users. Don't miss the PDF manual with the most common actions, the initial portion is depicted here:

Joel's on Coal and More

On a totally different note, is Joel's announcement of a new web site related with recruiting and team management: Coal business, that's the future... 

What do these blog entries have in common? That they were posted today along with the announcement of a free Delphi 64 bit beta !

I remain impressed at the amount of time some people devote to organizing April fools and the quality of these pages and videos, Google even had professors (true? it seems) interviewed for its Motion technology.