Delphi XE5 is the first Delphi for Android. But this release is "the first" only from many other point of views:

  • The first Delphi for Android
  • The first Delphi with 6 compilers (Win32, Win64, Mac OS X, iOS Simulator, iOS Device, Android)
  • The first release with two LLVM-based compilers
  • The first Delphi with fully integrated FireDAC
  • The first Delphi with FireDAC features in the Professional version (including local database connectivity, the powerful memtable, and much more)
  • The first Delphi with the new REST client library (also in Professional and working also for VCL applications)
  • The first Delphi with some Ribbon fixes ;-)
  • The first release offering single source Android and iOS support
  • The first with a Time picker for iOS
  • The first Delphi I worked on for the entire development cycle
  • The first Delphi addressing the 3 most popular operating systems in the world (Android, Windows, and iOS)
  • The first release supporting and including the Android SDK and NDK
  • The first compiler supporting ARC on Android
  • The first "true native" toolchain for Android
  • The first Android development tool with Visual Live Bindings, for prototyping and building database applications in a very short amount of time
  • The first Android tool that speaks very little Java
  • The first Delphi ready for iOS7

A great new version of Delphi!