After announcing my webinar for November 15th, Embarcadero has created a landing page with the white paper download and 3 introductory videos.

The landing page is at and there you can find the link for getting the white paper and source code (after filling in a nice form with some contact information). The white paper is a 50-pages introduction to ""Building Rich Business Applications with FireMonkey". Nothing advanced and not how I'0d write it today, since it was written last August, when FireMonkey was new and I knew much less. Still, the information is correct and can certainly help getting started. For more, you'll have to wait for a book....

The RAD in Action landing page for my FireMonkey white paper and webinar has also three videos covering different parts of the white paper. These videos cover a subset of the topics I'll present in the online webinar. The videos are on YouTube and also linked below for your convenience. The videos are titled:

  • Demos Overview
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • FireMonkey Styles

Signup to the webinar for the longer version of the video... and download the white paper for more details, the link (again) is