Embarcadero has published the transcript of the question and answer sessions at the end of the webinars I did last week. The full set is available at Q&A log files from the Marco Cantu RAD in Action Webinar “Building Rich Business Applications with FireMonkey”, on http://edn.embarcadero.com.

Here are only the most significant entries, with some further comments

Q: How to use data grid with LiveBindings?

A: You can use LiveBindings with FireMonkey's StringGrid. --- Now LiveBinding is not the simplest feature to use, but they are very powerful. Also, FireMonkey comes with more LiveBinding options thatn the VCL. 

Q: Will there be any tools to move current Delphi apps to FireMonkey?

A: MonkeyGroomer ( http://pascalcoder.blogspot.com/search/label/MonkeyGroomer ) and MIDA( http://midafiremonkey.wordpress.com/ ). --- Actuallty the latter has a new home site at http://www.midaconverter.com (I'll blog about it ASAP).

Q: What iOS features are not available? (e.g. accelerometer)

A: Everything on iOS is available via code in your FireMonkey applications. Use the iphoneall unit to get at everything. Anders Ohlsson has lots of example code at  http://blogs.embarcadero.com/ao/category/ios . Anders is also wrapping the code as components see his iOS component blog post at  http://blogs.embarcadero.com/ao/2011/10/28/39192 . -- not much more to add, if not that I'm going to focus on this in the coming weeks.

Q: I don't use XE2 yet, what's the requirement in order to build XOS apps in Delphi running on Windows? Grazie

A: For OSX - everything is built in the XE2 IDE. You don't even have to have a Mac. Best practice would be to do final debug on a Mac, Mac Mini for final testing. -- Specially, I have a Mac Mini that I use as target, as I recently blogged. Others use the host in their Mac a Windows virtual machine with Delphi XE2 installed.

Q: Marco, Thank you for helping me understand FireMonkey. Please keep up your great work. Are you going to post more videos on YouTube?

A: That is the idea - Marco will do more videos, time permitting --- that's not a promise, but I'll try to create YouTube video while working on my new FireMonkey book.

Again, there is much more in the Q6A, including many questions about Android support for which Embarcadero offered a reply, not me... so I didn't #34e them here even if they are probably the most interesting questions! Same for other questions about "missing" features that are int he current product roadmap.