Here is another blog in the would-be series of FireMonkey updates, after the initial post at , with links and news about the new Delphi library.

Graphical Math Functions

Pawel has a nice demo of Bezier Surface Visualization (from Turbo Pascal to Delphi FireMonkey) in his blog, including source code.

Anders has a MathWiz app for iOS, that's available on AppStore for 99 cents.

FastReports for Mac

The company is about to release its Delphi reporting ending for the Mac. Information and early demos at

FireMonkey Class Hierarchy Poster

Might have already blogged about this, but in case you missed it, there is a nice poster of FireMoneky classes, much like the old VCL ones. The PDF is at

. Do you know of any cheap service to get this printed on a real poster?

eLearn from Embaracadero

A new series of webinars by Embarcadero, focused on FireMonkey, started last week (I'm listening to the second installment while typing this blog entry): The registration page is here ( and the logo here on the side.

The FireMonkey blog

By the way, this was announced on the new FireMonkey blog, which is at (mostly managed by David I, it seems). It think it is correct for Embarcadero to have product blogs beside personal ones.

FireMonkey at Delphi Developer Days (Again)

Finally, if you are interested in learning about FireMonkey from me (and Cary Jensen), you can attend Delphi Developer Days in Rome mid-May (which include a short city tour by yours truly).

There is a long technical introduction, an in-depth session about Styles (the real foundation of the library), plus a session covering iOS DataSnap clients. Information at


FireMonkey at Italian Delphi Day

I and other experts will also show a few FireMonkey demos at the coming Italian Delphi Day (June 7th):