The Firebird database, the open source databases most commonly used by Delphi developers, is the December 2007 project of the month on SourceForge. The page with the award on SourceForge hosts a lot of information, including a short background and an interview with the key developers. Very interesting read. (This is hardly new information, as it has been around since early December, but I failed to mentioned it. Now what triggered my further interest is the extra bit below.)

As Carlos Cantu noted, it is very relevant that one of the InterBase engineers (Sriram Balasubramanian) blogged his congratulations. This gives me a good chance to reiterate something I mentioned many times on my blog, my hope that CodeGear (and the Delphi team in particular) will consider Firebird as a partner and not as a competitor of InterBase (the project Firebird was spinned off with Borland/Inprise original blessing). In my opinion, the key priority is to fully support Firebird in dbExpress with a specific driver, but official IBX support will also be nice to have.