For the Italian Delphi Day 2011 last week I wrote a demo to highlight the fact it it worth updating to XE and migrating your code, to take advantage of many new featrues. The program translates a text (using Google Translate), creates some graphic out of it, posts it on Azure. The code shows JSON, Unicode, Azure, Anonymous threads, JPEG, and Direct2D in action in Delphi XE.

I wrote this to highlight a number of recent features of Delphi in a single, all-encompassing demo. The idea was to create a demo which would be extremely difficult to write in Delphi 2007, thus suggesting that upgrading to a recent version of Delphi really adds a lot to your code. The goal of the program is to take an input string, translate it to a different language using Google Translate, create a colorful bitmap with the translated string (using Direct2D), transform it to a JPEG, publish it on Azure, and copy the public image URL to the clipboard.

The program uses several recent features of Delphi:

  • Unicode support (available since Delphi 2009)
  • Anonymous threads (Delphi XE)
  • JSON processing (Introduced in Delphi 2010 and updated in Delphi XE)
  • Azure components (Delphi XE)
  • Direct 2D support (Delphi 2010)
  • JPEG conversion (Delphi 2009)

In the following image there a screen shot with a Hindi translation:

The same core image is visible on Azure (where I posted it) at the link visible below:


After this rather long introduction, here is the actual video, showing the output of the program but also several portions of its code:

Ths full source code is available in the SVN repository for my books. You can browse it online at or get it from subversion with the command:

svn co -r HEAD

Hope you like it. I'm waiting for feedback to figure out if I should record similar short videos for other examples in my (finally coming) short Delphi XE book.