I'm packing and will leave for EuroDevCon in Frankfurt (Germany) tomorrow, in the early morning. I'm going to miss the introductory keynote, where the new DevCo company was supposedly be announced... but it seems it won't be. I'll catch up with the news and let you know... I'll be speaking on Wednesday and giving a full day workshop on Friday. I'll meet several other speakers and attendees, plua a few people from DevCo. It should be nice. It has been in the past. If you are coming to the conference (or are already there) feel free to stop by and have a chat.

Speaking of conferences, there is one devoted to Firebird that's going to take place in Prague (like in past years) from the 12th to the 14th of November. I've never been there but my firend Nando (a Firebird expert) went last year and liked the conference a lot. If you use that database and are located in Europe, that's a recommended event. Sadly, I doubt I'll be able to attend.

Still no news on the US Borland/DevCo Conference side. I guess things might get finalized after the company spin-off, but don' t know for sure.