The EuroDevCon 2006 conference has been officially announced today on the web site, where you can see that "Featured Speakers" include myself, Bob Swart, and Ray Konopka. There will be many other great speakers including Brian Long, Michael Li, Jeroen Pluimers, Hadi hariri, Neil Ford, and Terry Dietzler. The conference is joint with EKON 10 (which site is in German language only). In the past this has been a very interesting conference for Europeans, with a relevant presence of Borland/DevCo employee.

I'll speak about Delphi Design Patterns and Idioms, Delphi Dynamic Architectures with Packages and Assemblies, and will give a workshop on Web 2.0 Development in Delphi. I proposed these talks, along with a few others, also for the US DevCo Conference, which are supposed to be publicly voted in the next few weeks... so if you like them, you'll have to vote them to see them in the program.