The mythical EProgrammerNotFound exception (covered well over one year ago in this blog) was featured today on the StackOverflow support site (which has a rich and growing Delphi users base).

You can read the request and the various responses at the URL Among the various replies (some of which mention my Fun Side of Delphi sessions and my Delphi 2009 Handbook) there is a rather detailed reply by Allen Bauer, who unveils the background story:

It is just the result of a long day and we had gotten a little giddy. We'd always joked about replacing some error message in the compiler for one of the most common errors with a similar message.  It was a simple conversation;  "Oh, you should have raised the EProgrammerNotFound exception in that function." 
"LOL! We should add that exception and see who notices."  "I wonder how much speculation there will be about why it is there?"

There was quite some speculation, in fact. Well done, I have to say, and keep jokes coming.