It was brought to my attention on Twitter, that Embarcadero (on March 16, 2011) filed a trademark request for the name "FireMonkey". The description is quite interesting:

"Computer software development tools; computer software for providing a cross platform graphics engine and component library for generating graphical user interfaces and skinning engine, and for providing controls representation, styles, graphics and effects, animation, 2d and 3d effects"

Sounds technically interesting. It is also interesting from a marketing perspective, ending the period of the TLA (Three-Latters-Acronyms, like VCL). And by the way, I googled the term and (beside the Chinese horoscope indicating that 201 will be the year of the Fire Monkey) I found a job request (apparently from Embarcadero) looking for a

"candidate [who] will be working on the development of FireMonkey, a new framework and platform for creating cross-platform applications in Delphi RAD Studio."

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