With the closing of the acquisition of the CodeGear business unit of Borland by Embarcadero technologies (see the formal announcement here) Delphi is no longer Borland Delphi. While it was recently and will remain CodeGear Delphi, we can really say it is now "Embarcadero Delphi"! After a little over 13 years of product live (which becomes 25 if you count from the early Turbo Pascal releases), a new Delphi era is opening under the auspices of a new company, who is supposed to invest in the product, listens to its customers, works with its community:

Embarcadero will support CodeGear's customers and partners and will evolve and deepen the functionality of CodeGear's existing product lines.

Time will tell if everything will be as rosy as we'll see it today, but after too many years of Borland-Inprise-Borland attitude of using the "Delphi cash cow" without reinvesting in it or even considering it worthwhile, things could hardly get much worse. But of course, we are not just hoping things will get slightly better... we are hoping to see Delphi everywhere, Delphi for every platform, Delphi for every operating system, Delphi for computers any size, and Delphi for empowering web development... I'll skip mentioning Delphi in the coffee-makers, as only Italians will get the joke.

Of course, while we dream, let's hope all Borland, oops no, Embarcadero Employees in Scotts Valley keep their feet on ground and deliver us a great Tiburon, the first Embarcadero Delphi.

PS. For a nice animation of the CodeGear + DatabaseGear go to the redesigned CodeGear homepage. Suggested readings for today include DavidI, Allen Bauer, and Anders Ohlsson last-day-of-work for Borland blogs. Well, that was yesterday, today they'll probably post their first-day-of-work for Embarcadero blogs. Stay tuned.