At the german EKON9 conference, during its first keynote, David I has shown a slide with a very detailed Delphi roadmap. This doens't cover only the future .net 2.0 support (Highlander), but includes the plan for a native 64-bit compiler and multiple versions of the VCL. for compact framework and Avalon. Bob Swart, who is sitting next to me, has taken a picture of the slide and will post it - I'll add a link here whe it is online. Notice that the diagram had a timescale below, the actual year of each product has been intepreted by me.

The Roadmap

  • Dexter (end 2005) will have ECO 3 (with ECO Basic in all Delphi editions), specific support for 64bit .net, a full-blown version of Together for Delphi, focus on performance and quality.
  • Highlander (2006) will support net 2.0 and provide a VCL for .NET 2.0, VCL for Compact Framework, support for 64bit .NET 2.0
  • Delphi for Vista (2007) will include a VCL for Avalon and Indigo support
  • Delphi/C++ for win64 (circa 2007): the name says it all

My Comment

I'm very suprised by this level of details. Jason Vokes, who is present (and speaking on Dexter right now, showing the raodmap once more as I type), joked about loosing his job for getting out too many details on future products...
Anyway, I was very pleased by the multiple references to the VCL for .NET. I kept saying that the VCL.NET is not only a tool for Win32 compatibility, for upgrading your existing programs. With multiple new versions coming along (CF, Avalon) the VCL.NET will remain a key feature of Delphi and provide extra value for visual development on .NET. I'm really looking forward to put my hands on these technologies...

Update: Pictures

A picture of the Delphi Roapmap slide is available here (linked with permission of the author!). See more info on