Last day at EKON. Yesterday I gave my Dynamic Applications talk and my Fun Side of Delphi talk. Both were apparently well received. At the fun side there was also Nick Hodges, maybe he was blogging about EKON.

Yesterday I saw also portions of a very nice keynote by Ray Konopka on User Interfaces, and a great presentation by Neal Ford on Ruby on Rails. Now I can I understand what is the fuss about this framework. We had dancers in the evening, I'm not sure I like the idea...

Today I had no work to do, I attended talks on dbExpress and BlackFish SQL, a speakers panel, and another very nice talk by Neal on Domain Specific Languages (DSL). Of course I started wondering how we can apply the DSL idea to Delphi, and I'm already planning things in my head! Granted, dynamic languages and environments with a garbage collected are better suited, but have DSLs in Delphi could change the way we work for the better. More about thsi after I've written some "concept" code .

OK, I think that's all from EKON. I had great discussions (mostly, but not only, on programming), nice table soccer games, some good biers... yes, I enjoyed the conference. Too bad that Lufthansa cancelled by flight home and rebooked me on another 3 and a half hours alter. Good that I saw this at the conferenece hotel (the hotel has a "departures" screen), so I'm still here and not stuck at the airport.