First day at the "EKON 11" (also known as "07 EuroDevCon") conference has been a tutorials day. I gave a full day session on Web and AJAX development in Delphi, touching on a large set of topics. I just finished assembling the demos for the conference CD and need to relax, after speaking from 9 am to 4 pm.

Not too much relax anyway, as I'll have three more talks over the next two days, and need to finish preparing for them. Plus there will be many nice talks to attend. Even if it is sad David I had to skip the conference, I'm sure Nick Hodges and Jason Vokes will make a good job replacing him in tomorrow's keynotes. I hope to have some real news tomorrow and will certainly blog from the presentations!

Meanwhile it was nice to see a few friends around, Ray, Chad, Jeroen, Bob... and many others. I also got a box of books straight from Lulu, as presents for a few friends (and possibly for sale if there is any left). A busy week. Stay tuned.