My brand new "Delphi 2007 Handbook" is now available on Service support assured me that the binding problem with my "author proof" copy is unrelated with my book (they're also offering me a refund on that), so I've given the book the green light. You can have a copy printed for you, whenever you want... Here are the relevant links:

113 Notes Coming to the Blog

To celebrate the publication, do a little bit or marketing, and share some content freely, I'm starting a "large" project. Over the next couple of months I'll post on this blog the 113 footnotes of the book. That's almost two a day, each day! Most of them are links to other web pages (selected links), some have interesting content. I might first publish a list of the people mentioned in the book, but the 113 notes project is coming along shortly.

Book Marketing

I'll try to do a few more actions to promote the book. If there is anything you can do or suggest me to do, feel free to get in touch. Links are welcome of course. Lulu has no referral structure, but maybe something can be done. What about a free book for the incoming link with more referrals (I'll check the incoming IP address!) to a given "special" URL? Need to write a little tracking application, but this can be certainly done! Other ideas are certainly welcome... I'm open to proposals and have a little money to spend.

And if you are in Frankfurt next week at EPON I hope to have a few copies with me to sell, as well as at other future conferences I'll attend.