The last few days have seen a flurry of blog posts by the new Delphi product manager, Nick Hodges, on his new Borland blog (I still have to update the link on, several posts by Michael Swindell (mostly on JBuilder, but his discussion of how DevCo plans empowering developers one by one certainly applies to Delphi as well), and a very interesting post (as usual) by Allen Bauer. After announcing that Nick joined the company and Jens-Ole' Lauridsen is back, he mentions (with some mystery) a new compiler engineer, which is apparently someone well known by the community.

Not only this. On BDN there is the announcement of the 2006 conference. Even if date (October/November) and location (Nothern California) the official notice that a conference is in the making and the related call for papers mark another positive sign for DevCo, that for the time of the conference will be a separate company. I plan  submitting a few proposals, of course, even if I'm not sure about the details yet.

Considering all of this, and reading the Borland blogs in particular, anyone can perceive the buzz and the thrill about the new company and its role. Let's hope the new entities come alive ASAP, and all plans will finalize soon: interesting times are coming ahead for "Delphi and company".