In my SDC report last week I mentioned that DevCo (the to-be-disinvested IDE division of Borland) is looking for a name, reporting the words of David I.

Now Michael Swindell has officially asked for suggestions for the new name (but not only that) in a blog post. Meanwhile, the non-tech group has a long thread (106 messages at this moment) spawned by my blog post, with very few good suggestions and tons of nonsense ones. Cure ideas: "But we wrote Delphi Dev Co", "The Developers Company", "BIMB Is Not Borland", "Be Rad, Inc."... and many more.

Remember, the web site must be available, should not be a trademark, and should possibly start with "B".

Update (May 29)

Swindell has a second post on the company name (they are getting a lot of feedback) and Allen Bauer comments on the topic as well.