Yesterday, the new version of the Delphi Feeds web site has been updated. You can see an article with more details here. Beside an updated look and feel and layout (that I like a lot, more than the CodeGear one), one of the new features is that they are grabbing newsgroup contents using my own site (and its RSS feeds, that I added specifically for them).

The links to the threads refer to my site, which uses an AJAX-based approach to let you retrieve only the posts you are interested in, while keeping them in the context of the thread you are reading. The site is still under construction (I was hoping to add some new features in time for this launch...) but it is better than in the past and I'll add many more features (including the option to log in to post your own replies from it and track favorite threads and sections) soon. Users management has been working for some time now, only it is not public. I'll let you know both on the site and here when new features become available. Feedback is always welcome.