We have a good number of Delphi-related companies sponsoring our Delphi Developer Days 2012 event. In fact, all of our Platinum and Gold sponsorship opportunities for 2012 are full. If you are interested, you can line up for the next year. Sponsors page is at http://www.delphideveloperdays.com/sponsors.html, but the list is also below.

2012 Platinum Sponsors

Embarcadero Technologies: http://www.embarcadero.com/

/n Software: http://www.nsoftware.com/

Sybase, An SAP Company: http://www.sybase.com/advantage

TMS software: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/

2012 Gold sponsors

DA-SOFT Technologies - Devart - Dr.Explain - Fast Reports - Gnostice Information Technologies - RemObjects Software - Sisulizer - TechXtend

I really wish to thank them all for the support, for mailing to their customers, for the prizes they donated for attendees, and their overall support. Some of them are also coming to attend the event, and give short keynotes (that's at the Platinum level). Other we've invited as guest speakers.

I'm pretty sure the 2012 edition of Delphi Developer Days will be a success, with its stops in 6 different cities in US and Europe. London and Amsterdam are  in 6 weeks, sign up now for 10% early bird discount at http://www.delphideveloperdays.com/.