training company

Two years ago we expanded it to two days and had David I speaking, along with the most notable Italian Delphi experts, and other Italian and European Borland representatives (including Jason Vokes). Beside "classic presentations" we also set-up many moderated debates and panals and extensive Q&A sessions, and get developers chances to speak to each other, not only hearing experts. We've had presentations of open source projects. We've had a programmers contests (the best Delphi tip) last year.

This year we are running the Delphi Day 2006 (the event description is in Italian) on June 9th. As usual we have picked a conference center it in Piacenza, my home town, located in a rather central position (and at a highways intersection) in northern Italy. We'll try to figure out where DevCo is going and have to main talks by me on "Delphi and the new Web" and by Nando Dessena on meta-programming (that 's progrmaming with RTTI and metadata) in Delphi. We'll have a panel on the VCL, a presentation of closed-source business frameworks, and we've arranged a video conference session from Scotts Valley (at least I hope, as this is not finalized yet).

Before you ask to get invited speaking, Italian programmers on average have problems hearing a long talk in English (I still remember when I invited Mark Miller for another event, though we had a lot of fun), so we try to keep "foreign" experts at a minimum. If you speak Italian, or happen to be in Italy and want to join anyway, feel free to signup... or simply stop by and say hi!