The next version of Delphi will be called Delphi XE... and there is a third (and last) preview video available online, focused on datasnap and REST support. Specifically, as you can read in the announcement at, the new video covers:

  • Cloud computing access to Windows Azure services
  • Quick deployment to Amazon EC2 cloud servers
  • Extended multi-tier development with new wizards, new protocol support, encryption and compression, cloud servers, and PHP/JavaScript clients
  • The inclusion of RadPHP XE, IP*Works and IntraWeb, which provide new choices for Web app development

 Here is the video from YouTube (you can find it also at

Plus there is more, probably deserving a separate blog post, but here it goes:

  • "Sons of Kahn: The Apocrypha" by Verity Stob is yet another great story about the recent changes to the Delphi road map. It mentions David I, Allen Bauer (#34ed saying "Let he who hath never slipped a project cast the first pointer."), and many others you can recognize. It is very funny as usual. Read it on The Register at The snippet I love best is the song of the Delphi developers:

MS lost its mojo, 
Jobsy mashed up Flash, 
Oracle's strangling Java, 
But Delph will never crash!

That's all for this condensed post, I've finished packing, will leave tomorrow early morning for a week in Denmark. Offline. Likely no update to blog, probably no comments approved.