The next version of Delphi will be called Delphi XE... and there is a second preview video available online, focused on third party tools. As per the video announcement (at after the first preview focused on Subversion integration, this second preview covers some of the third party tools that will be part of Delphi XE:

  • FinalBuilder, used to manage the build process
  • The ability to invoke IDE operations (like audits, metrics, code formatting) from the command line, and so invoke them from external tools like FinalBuilder
  • The integrated version of profiling tool AQTime
  • The logging support provided by CodeSite, a nice tool written by Ray Konopka.

Here is the video, in the version you can find on YouTube:

Finally, I wanted to point out that there has been some clarification to the roadmap ( regarding 64-bit support offered by Allen Bauer in the Embarcadero forum and reported by Jeroen Pluimers: Pulsar (the version of Delphi following XE) should have a fully capable and integrated Win64 bit compiler, with full RTL and VCL support. This is expected "sometime in 2011". Notice though, that this is rephrasing some newsgroups posts, so it lacks any formal backing.