In this second "beta blog" I'll discuss a very simple and nice feature, only partially new to Delphi XE.

In case you don't know, "Delphi beta blogs" are authorized blog posts by independent bloggers covering features of a beta version of Delphi. This means I was given a specific permission to post about this topic and I'm discussing a feature of a pre-release version. Notice also that the official RAD Studio XE Preview page is at  . Since this is a pre-release, there is no guarantee it will work the same in the final version (or will actually be in the product).


The Search for Usages command in Delphi XE is available for projects that don't have Modeling support enabled. Differently from "Find References", "Search for Usages" is more flexible. If you search for a type it includes members and derived types, plus variables of the given type. If you search for a method it includes overridden ones. Actually, you can filter out what to search for and whether you want a full inheritance graph by picking some of the options in the dialog that brings you to that feature:

 That's all for now, might have more time in the coming days.