The second to RAD Studio XE5 shipped yesterday, including a significant update on the Delphi side and the support for iOS development on the C++Builder side. Update 2 is free to existing XE5 users, and RAD Studio developers or C++Builder developers at least at the Enterprise level can start using iOS support for C++ right away. Developer with a Delphi license will get an update with many bug fixes... and a few hidden gems.

The official information and links first:

As I mentioned, there are also a couple of hidden gems in this release... but I'll leave this open to a couple of follow up blog posts (and, no, they are not listed in the what's new page, or they won't be 'hidden gems").

What you should do now, if you still haven't done so, if go buy XE5. It brings Delphi to new hights, and in the next two weeks you can take advantage of some great offers including upgrade from older versions of Delphi and C++Builder, and even some extra VCL components from InfoPower and the new Delphi book by Nick Hodges! Info at