In a recent InfoWorld article, CodeGear CEO eyes Ruby, Jim Douglas (who seems to have lost his blogging "verve" quite soon) tells use CodeGear will announce "something in the Ruby on Rails space from us shortly and we will be at the Rails conference on May 17". Don't know whether it will be called Delphi or something else, but I0ll certainly keep an eye for the news next week. The article, overall, is very interesting and tells a lot both about the new tools CodeGear is building and the continued investment in its existing IDEs, including JBuilder and Delphi. In the article Jim also insists that Borland will eventually sell CodeGear: "We're still wholly owned by Borland. The plan is of record to be a separate company completely."

Speaking of Delphi and Ruby reminds me of a few (not so recent) links I collected, mostly from the "Mike Does Tech" blog, including:

Actually Microsoft introduced a Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) that runs on top of the .NET CLR and provides a solid foundation for building dynamic languages on top of .NET, for server side execution and in a still-far-away future for client execution on Silverlight (their Flash-killer)... but this is a huge topic I hope I'll be able to blog about soon. Letting some time go by after the flurry of announcements in the past two weeks helps me getting a better picture of what Microsoft is up to these days... Stay tuned.