After the three REST clients made available last Monday, I've published two more Delphi REST clients (with full source) on the same site, but in a new page. The address is (with lack of fantasy) This page features a Yahoo Maps client that lets you (easily) display the map of a location in a plain Image control, plus a client for the Goole REST Translation service, displayed below (this is also a good showcase for Unicode in Delphi 2009):

The last of the Delphi REST clients is a more complex (and useful) application, so for now I've made it available for free, but haven't puslished the source code. That will probably be made available later. This is my TweetOfTheDay application, a helper for twittering on a regular basis. In fact, you can use it for posting to Twitter... in the future: let the program run and it will post at the requested date and time. By default, it is set for one tweet a day, but I might extend it with more options.

The TweetOfTheDay application is available on my company web site (only because Twitter requires that for an official application, although this is still non registered): The page has some installation instruction and a very simple guide (please red it before usign the program). I know of a few issues, I'm going to fix, but I'm looking for more feedback. Mostly, if you find it useful or not. I'm using it to manage my account.

BTW, I've made some experiments with other accounts, like and it seems the systme will let you make a continuous flow of tweets every ten minutes, while the original got suspended for a couple of weeks after posting every minute for a few hours.