I'm organizing an event in Italy for companies that never used Delphi or "lost track" of its progress. It is called "Delphi Porte Aperte", literally Delphi Open Doors, a term commonly used in Italy by auto dealers when they launch a new model, but generally intended as an invitation to see a product. In this specific case, though, the invitation is not to have a look at the features of the latest version, but rather to focus on the "status of Delphi".

Topics I'll cover on April 1 to 3 in three cities around Italy range from presenting CodeGear as a Borland subsidiary, to focusing on new features in recent versions of Delphi (mostly to underline the product is alive), but the core of the presentation will be highlighting the various alternatives for developing standalone and client/server applications for Windows (fat) clients in the Internet age. I'm convinced Delphi and Delphi applications shine in this area.

I'm organizing the event with the local CodeGear representative and some CodeGear marketing money, which seems quite positive to me. Other partners could set up similar meetings around the world to help push Delphi... (I can volunteer to speak, but not for free as I'll do this time...). For those living in Italy, the full details in Italian language are on my company site, Wintech Italia Srl.