As you probably know I'm at Delphi Live! in San Jose, the first Delphi conference in the US after a few years.

I arrived on Tuesday after a very nice flight: free business class upgrade, passport control without the usual hassle of being send to "second level inspection" for my VISA status, and a direct car ride by Olaf from the airport to the Hotel. San Jose is nice as usual: there is nothing downtown, but I should have known from past visits.

The conference is kicking off today, Thursday, even if yesterday I was already here to give a preconference tutorial with Cary Jensen, covering multi-threadnig in Delphi. The tutorial was nice and we had a good crowd. Cary did most of the work, but I showed some new Delphi 2009 features that help in building multithreaded applications.

I'm sitting in the Embarcadero Keynote, given by David I and Michael Swindell), and I'm twittering about it from my delphitweetday account (not my personal account):

  • David I is starting the keynote, talking about dev. community, showing a recorded interview of Wayne Williams, Embarcadero CEO
  • Wayne: "We are investing heavily in Delphi"; told David I: "I've been a fan of you for many years", "the business is healthy"less than 5 seconds ago from web
  • Micheal Swindell, "we are all about development tools". Talking about AllAccess, InstantOn, and on and on...less than 5 seconds ago from web

I'll post other tweets tothe blog later today, but you should follow me directly on Twitter if you want continuous updates.

After this session is over Nick Hodges will discuss the status of Delphi and present the future roadmap, which is apparently going to have many relavant announcements.

I'll be busy all day, giving two sessions on "Rest Clients in Delphi" and the "Fun Side of Delphi". Will also be attending sessions by other speakers, including members of Delphi R&D, and there will be a plenary "Meet the Delphi Team" session. It will be a long day.