Warren Postma (don't know if this is a real name) made an interesting post in the non-tech Delphi newsgroup, titled " Delphi has ruined me. Ruined, I tell you, ruined." In short, he says that having used Delphi most of the other solutions for building UI applications (Java, Smalltalk, LISP, Visual C#, Python, Lazarus...) have weaknesses... so he is stuck with Delphi and Win32 only development when he'd like to have a cross-platform tool.

Although I don't agreee on all of the details, I often find myself in a similar position: Delphi is so nice that it is hard to start using another tool and feel fully satisfied... DevCo, are you hearing? Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Delphi can go beyond Win32 and .NET.