A few days after the new "Delphi XE Handbook" I'm also releasing an updated version of the Delphi Handbooks Collection, a single PDF encompassing my 4 handbooks covering all of the new features of Delphi 2007, 2009, 2010, and XE. That's a single PDF of 1,113 pages, with the most detailed and complete coverage of Delphi XE you can find.

This new edition of the collection is called "2nd Edition (2007 to XE)".

For anyone migrating from older versions of Delphi, the Collection is the ultimate reference. Of course, you can also buy the four distinct books in print, but that would be more expensive and might not be so handy to carry around.


The material has not been edited (so this is not a single book in any way), it is simply the merging of the four original ebooks in a single PDF . The collection of books covers all of the new features of Delphi XE since Delphi 7, covering the IDE, the Delphi language, Unicode support, Windows development, new VCL components, database access, DataSnap (safe for the XE extensions), and much more.

As mentioned earlier, the combined ebook has 1,113 pages of Delphi-related content, in a single easy-to-search PDF file. I have no plan to make this available in print, as the page count is too high for print-on-demand systems, and having the 4 separate books might be nicer. My future plans include separate Delphi books on the language, the RTL and VCL, and so on, and those might get to print... but don't expect them any time soon.

You can buy the electronic edition at Wintech Italia Shop on FastSpring for 74,50 USD (about 48 Euros). Might seem a lot but it is a 40% discount compared to individual ebooks and less than 6 cents a page.

Anyone who bought the previous Handbooks Collection (covering 2007 to 2010) is entitled a very significant discount. I'll email those out soon, if you are interested, contact me over email. Also if you bought two or more ebooks directly from me in the past (no, Embarcadero free versions don't count) you can have a good discount.

You can also buy an Ebook Site License for about 250 USD (or about 180 Euros) to legally distribute the PDF to a maximum of 10 developers at your company. If you buy an individual copy, in fact, you can make personal backup copies (the PDF is not restricted in any way) but you are not supposed to share it with co-workers. Contact me for an unlimited corporate license.

Information about the Delphi XE Handbook and the Handbooks Collection is available at http://www.marcocantu.com/handbooks/. Source code is at http://code.marcocantu.com/p/marcodelphibooks/.