Delphi Developer Days is the yearly conference/training class I organize with Cary Jensen in the USA and Europe. We are planning 2 US + 4 European stops (in 4 different countries) this year.

Very Early Bird

The very early bird signup for Delphi Developer Days 2012 (with 25% discount) expires on January 20th, for each and all of the dates (March through May). If you are interested in participating, book ASAP for the extra discount. Previous attendees will still get a good rate, but not the general public. Did I tell you this is one of the best (and most well attended) Delphi training events of the year? Details at

Book Early, Might Get Full

Another reason for booking early (before or after this first deadline) is that some of the locations are filling up quite nicely, and might as well get full. If a location gets fully booked, you'll have to pick a different city and date. First come, first served, of course. Seems Rome is still quite empty, though.

Guest Speakers List

Finally, we do have a complete guest speakers list:

London, United Kingdom:  Stephen Ball, Embarcadero Technologies
Amsterdam, The Netherlands:  Bob Swart,  Bob Swart Training & Consultancy
DC/Baltimore area, USA:  Jim McKeeth,  RemObjects Software
Chicago, USA:  Ray Konopka,  Raize Software
Frankfurt, Germany:  Bruno Fierens TMS software
Rome, Italy:  Daniele Teti,  BitTime 

Of course, I'll take the advantage of this blog post to thank all of these Delphi experts, who've accepted our invitation. 

As I mentioned on twitter, I've been doubling as a travel agent, to get my various flights. Most are booked now, See you at Delphi Developer Days!