An other weeks of blogs about Delphi and RAD Studio, while I'm in Barcelona (Spain) for the Mobile World Congress that kicks off tomorrow, and were Embarcadero has a booth to showcase its mobile development solution.

Some blogs posts during the past week:

There has been a lot of discussion around Delphi content that was pulled off stackoverflow, including some on the Delphi IDE and language. Jim saved some at Some of these are indeed interesting... I guess I'll have to double check all of them for the book I'm writing. (Oh, did I just mention I'm writing a book? Yes, I did.)

The last link I wanted to refer you to is the "Delphi Migration Center" collection os resources at If you have old Delphi code you plan moving to newer versions (and there are many reasons to do so, including moving off Windows XP before April) that is a good collection. In any case, I'm going to cover some of this in a March webinar. Stay tuned.

PS. Next week I'm in Barcelona, and later Alicante. If you do any C++ remember checking the C++ edition of CodeRage 8, starting Wednesday. And if you have friends who are C++ programmers, invite them to the free online conference. More C++Builder for iOS and all other platforms (beside Android, which is coming soon). The link is I have a session on DataSnap, similar to th one I did the for Delphi side of the event.