I'm working on a new book specifically covering new features of the latest version of Delphi, as I did for the last two versions. The book is very likely to be called "Delphi 2010 Handbook" (with very little fantasy on my side). 

For now I have half of the book ready, with coverage of the IDE, the improvements to the debugger, the Extended RTTI and Attributes support, other compiler changes and new RTL units. I'm still working on VCL, Windows 7 support, touch and Gestures, dbExpress, DataSnap...

The book will take at least another full month to be ready, plus some technical time to become available. However, I'm trying to figure out an ebook subscription business model. I could deliver a draft of the first part of the book in two weeks, and then keep posting updated versions to developers paying a subscription for it.

Questions are: 

  • How much are you willing to pay? What about US 25 dollars (note this won't include the printed book, only the PDF version)? 
  • Do you know any online shop with the infrastructure to manage this (if I  had to roll out my own, this will only cause a delay to the book itself)?
  • Would it make more sense to add to the deal a subscription-only online area for discussing the book content?
  • What about rounding up the price and adding online seminars for presenting the book material (and again, is there a "not-too-expensive" infrastructure to manage this)?

Needless to say that if you have any other suggestion I'm all ears!