The most relevant info (beside the cute naming scheme: many names for a single product) is on Borland's Delphi site, including a datasheet and a FAQ. There are many newsgroup comments, like this thread. There are blog posts, like the one from Nick. There are articles like these: official newswire, standard review, article full of nonsense but funny (see Nick's post for a comment on this article). There is certainly much more info I've skipped looking for. With less formal announcements of DeXter already flowing around the web, the timing and the details of Delphi 2006 do not represent a huge surprise. However, a few elements are worth commenting.

From Borland site, I like the introductory description: "Delphi developers know the value of small, agile teams. For years, they have outperformed larger development organizations through skill, expertise, and the right choice of tools. Delphi 2006 provides the ultimate productivity force multiplier..." Looking to technnical stuff, notice the relevant new VCL features (who said Borland is following?), the core ECO support in all editions, and many others. The most relevant one seems to be "Full two-way live source class diagrams" for Together.

Another very intesting change is the availability of selective installation and execution. From the FAQ: "Customers who don’t need all the languages can choose to install only those they need for a more lightweight installation. In addition, even if customers install all of the supported languages, at runtime they can choose to either load all of the languages or only load a single language (through dedicated desktop icons or command line options)". Also, it looks like PDF manuals are back: "Borland® Developer Studio includes complete online documentation in online help and printable PDFs."

Finally, notice that the product is expected in december: "Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006, all part of Borland Developer Studio, will be available for pre-order between Oct. 17 and Dec. 1, with customer shipments scheduled for early December" (from the official announcement).