I've uploaded on YouTube a Delphi 18th birthday video, featuring Delphi 1 on Windows 3.11. The video was recorded today on my Mac, using a virtual machine (or a "way-back machine", I should say). Hope you enjoy this bit of Delphi history, but stay tuned to Delphi's future signing up for the Delphi Mobile Preview next week.

More Delphi History Links 

For more Delphi history see my Google+ Old Delphi pictures album, my good old Delphi Birthday Page, and David I's todays post. And TMS has posted pictures on their FaceBook page.

1995, a Great Year for Programming Languages

Delphi is 18, much like Java (launched that year) and JavaScript (which first shipped also that year, as LiveScript), as confirmed by Wikipedia. So all these three programming languages had their real official launch in the 1995. A great year for programming languages, given these three languages are alive and kicking, and used by millions of developers. JavaScript is having its best time recently, Java peaked some time ago and is still in widespread use. Delphi also peaked some time ago as the best native Windows development tool, but it is now coming back both in the Windows and Mac space and as the best mobile multi-device development tool.


Kudos to all the R&D team members over the years, product managers from Zack Urlocker onwards, evangelists (starting with David I), countless partners, and all the great users who've contributed to Delphi success so far. We don't plan stopping introducing great technology around Delphi and its programming language.