The server hosting my first newsgroup front end, (currently unreacheable), was stuck and when rebooted failed to restart. This old Linux box has a severe disk problem, probably cause by a hard disk failure. The partition hosting the NNTP server (my and a few other newsgroups) seems OK, but the partition with the the web interfaces and their data might not get back to work...

Most of my sites are on a newer computer, including a new version of that same site,, which is not fully operational: I might try to get it fully up and running tomorrow. I also have a thirdparty area ready to get running, but was hoping to move all of the existing accounts to the new server (which might prove impossible).

In any case, all of the sites might be on and off tomorrow, as I try to put them back together. I might not get all features back but I certainly need to enable full posting to the newsgroups and a couple of alternative browsing mechanism to make (or any alias) work as expected. The original site had other features, like personal favorites, but I don't think they were heavily used. There was also the italian version,, on the server. It is equally stuck. on the other hand I'm moving the static site to the new server right now.

The trouble is I don't find a lot of time to keep those sites up and running, as the advertising money certainly doesn't justify the effort... still I'd hate this service to disappear, so I'll work on it a little bit tonight and tomorrow... and will keep my fingers crossed that some of the server data can be retrieved.

I might also need a temporary computer to move some of the services to, do you know any web farm offering cheap housing on their own (rented) computers?