Here is another of my periodic blog posts with news and links from the Delphi and RAD Studio worlds.\


Embarcadero Conference in Brazil on October 26th: For information see

​CodeRage 11 Online Conference Call for Papers:

​I'll be speaking at EKON 20 in Germany (but that's a conference with an English track for all European attendees): The speakers list and topics are pretty interesting.


InterBase ToGo Update for Android by Stephen at

The actual hotfix (required to submit to Play Store) is at

Blog Posts

Jim's experiments with compile times in Delphi, using generics:

Accessing comma-separated files in Delphi by Holger at

​When Migrating to FireDAC, You Must Understand UpdateMode by Cary at

Using Advantage? Enhance TAdsQuery to include Query Callback by Joachim at

Very interesting article on running Delphi applications on Linux using Wine at

Upgrading from Delphi or C++Builder Berlin Starter edition to higher editions by Sarina at

Not a new blog post, but an interesting StackOverflow question to keep a link to, covering a "List of Delphi language features and version in which they were introduced/deprecated" at