Another round of news and links related with Delphi, including some old one I had to research for my part of the mobile webinar this week.

Blog Post of the Week

Not sure if I want to start a regular "blog post of the week" contest, but if I were this week winner would definitely be Jim's "Delphi DNA" blog post, that you can read at It is honestly a great, terse, summary of why Delphi is a great tool and deserves to be considered even in today's development tools landscape (clearly much different from 20 years ago). It is the unique combination of components, compilers, APIs, database access glued together by productivity and programming power that makes Delphi (and C++Builder) what it is.

Runner up blog post (as I noticed only a few) is Uwe's latest on package management, at

MVP and Cool App Contest

Quite a few things happening around the MVP program and other Developer Relations initiatives. We have new MVPs listed at Great news the team in growing with several new well known Delphi experts from all over the world.

The fist winner of the cool app content is..., and that is possible because -- there is also a video at

​From Webinars

Myself and the rest of the team is spending some time on webinars these days. After the RAD Server real case scenario and overview, we did a mobile webinar yesterday, and now there is a coming in depth view of the RAD Server retails app coming.

From that work, Sarina blogged about the UI of the retail app at

​I haven't blogged (but might do), but had to find back this link for an assets generator for Delphi mobile apps, at (would be nice to have an update with all the newest icons resolutions, but it does save a lot of time).

Yesterday webinar notes are at including a large number of links David I has collected. I covered (in 10 minutes) submitting apps to mobile stores (Play Store and App Store).


That's all for now. I do have several blog posts in the pipeline, and always too little time. Let's see what I can cover. Next week, I'll also stop by at the Delphi event in Piacenza, see