The printed edition of my book is now available on Amazon, at The book is still also on CreateSpace (which is the actual print-on-demand company), but buying it from Amazon you can take advantage of their lower-cost shipping and handling. Notice that this is Amazon US only, these books rarely show up on international versions of Amazon.

At the same time Embarcadero (who bought an open license from me) has made the PDF available now on their Embarcadero Developer Network, free for registered users of Delphi 2010 (in its various incarnations). The direct link to the page which will check your permissions is As you'll see, the book has half a dozen ads, from companies that helped making the free dowanload for registered users possible (adding some to the money offered by Embarcadero).

Finally, I wanted to thank all the developers who attended my online webinar on REST on Wednesday. It was tough (particularly getting up at  am), but certainly worth.