As you have probably already noticed, CodeGear has released an update for Delphi 2007 Release 2 (or Update 3) and RAD Studio 2007. The new version is called December 2007 Update, which is probably better than using numbers (also because either saying this is Update 4 for RAD Studio 2007, when it is in fact the first one, or Update 1 for Delphi 2007, after Update 3 was released some time ago, would have been very confusing indeed).

Notice that the Update can be downloaded from CodeCentral (I guess by anyone), and remember there is also a Help Update that's been available (again, on CodeCentral) for several weeks now. This is a huge 473MB update, while the product update is "only" 16.7 MB. Delphi product manager Nick Hodges blogged about the update, adding a few warnings. Several others did the same, so I won't even try to quote them here.

I wanted to say I applied both updates today and everything was smooth (even if not fast on Vista, with the verification stage going on for several hours). From the list of fixes (published on Developer Network) here are my favorites:

  • Vista problems with XML Data Binding Wizard (as it used to save a file with settings in the Bin folder)
  • Fixes to avoid useless "Error Insight" warnings when the code compiles fine
  • Improvement in Help content and Help integration (F1)
  • There are many relevant dbExpress IV fixes
  • We get back the standard context menu for edit and memo controls
  • A few SOAP and WSDL Importer fixes (which I read as a signal this area of the product is alive and kicking)
  • There are also several fixes in Delphi 2007 for .NET, including some in generics support.