Delphi Developer Days 2011 is about to start next week in the US (there are still another 5 weeks to the European events). Here is some more information:

  • As promised, we are going to have a session covering 64-bit Delphi. It will be based on public information, but since there is plenty, it should help you start looking at porting issues and prepare a strategy.
  • In the "Future of Delphi" session I'm going to cover Cloud Computing from the Delphi perspective, even if lightly.
  • The course book, written by Cary and me, is about 400 pages. A lot of information to take home, and coverage of the session you'll miss (since at times you have to choose between parallel sessions)
  • The event will be information packed... but also a lot of fun.
  • In terms of attendees, adding those of the 4 cities, this is going to be one of the largest Delphi events of the year: are you going to miss it?

There is still time to signup, but the for US events you will have to do it right away!