I'm going to teach an online class on dbExpress IV (Delphi 2007's main database architecture) for CodeGear Learning during the first week of December. The "Delphi 2007 DbExpress 4 Special Session with Marco Cantù" will last four hours and take place on December 2 (first part) and December 4th (2nd part). Each section will be two hours. Total price is 150 USD for the 4 hours (which I consider a bargain!) This is going to be a live interactive session (you won't be looking at a prerecorded video) with a maximum of 10 attendees. Sign up early to reserve your place.

In you live in Italy, though, this and other related topics (mainly BlackFish SQL) will be covered in a workshop on Wednesday December 12th (the page is in Italian and is still a draft).

I'll also give 4 talks at CodeRage II (covering Vista development, Domain Specific Languages, dynamic architectures with packages, and Web REST architectures). CodeRage II will take place during the last week of November. This is a temporarily schedule.

Finally, I'll speak in Holland at the Software Develoment EVent on December 14th (the site is mostly in Dutch).

Looks I'm going to have a busy month!