A new funny marketing site for Embarcadero, http://www.embarcadero-xe.com/, features David I as a scuba diver, and you can win prizes, too. On the home page, you can see a video of David I diving with one of his incredible teeshirts:


There is more fun in terms of downloads, as you get get paper-based games in PDFs in the page http://www.embarcadero-xe.com/fun/index.html. For example you can get the following page to cut to obtain a standing figure:

Last but not least there are a couple of games. One is a more serious trivia, the second an underwater game you play but making David I jump away from fishes and sharks. Here are a few images:


When you are done, you can send you results to Twitter or Facebook, for a change to win a prize. 

PS. There is a hidden trick that let's you go over unlimited levels and never die, so don't take results too seriously. Right now I'm on level 20 and 190680 points, I guess I'll let it go some more and than post it to Twitter.