There is a new hotfix for the Delphi 2009 debugger aimed at Windows 7 users. You can read about it on the developer network and on Chris Hesik blog. Good news (although I rarely use Delphi 2009 any more) while waiting for the Update 2/3 of Delphi 2010, which was initially announced  3 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Embarcadero has a nice offer for buying Delphi 2010 this month. If you buy the Enterprise version, you get Delphi for PHP for free. And in any case you can get a free components pack, TMS Software Smooth Controls Pack. Some of them look quite nice. Notice that this available to any registered user, so if you have Delphi 2010 you can get it (regardless of when you bought it). Just follow the link on the redeem page.

What is more important, though, is that if you own an "old" version of Delphi (before Delphi 2006) this is the last month to update to Delphi 2010: From January 2010 owners of old versions will have to pay the full price (and there will be actual checks that you have an existing registration for the same account, I believe). So it might be a good time to upgrade now and if you live nearby (that is, in Italy or Italian speaking countries) you can buy from my online shop at