I've seen some creative spam in the comments of my blog. On average I get about one spam message a day. It is generally some off-topic comment with a link to a site for software, pills, or just about anything. Since all of the comments on my blog are filtered, it is easy to spot and delete them. But today, probably for the first time, one was so nicely crafted that after reading it I approved the comment, thinking this was a nice reader... only to see at a glance the URL in the link and realize this was just a way to get the link up (and having my site a good Google Rank, I guess links can be useful). Here was the text of the message (the link is omitted, of course, but that was not in the text):

I have been reading your blog last couple of weeks
and enjoy every bit. Thanks.

Yes, it sounds legitimate. But the blog post it was commenting mentioned my idea of providing books in PDF format and the link was for a PDF conversion tool. Spotted and deleted. Try again, but you win the "most creative blog spam award" for my site for now.