The next week will see me speaking at a Delphi conference in Italy, but next months I'll be at other Delphi conferences (CodeRage on the Web and BE-Delphi in Belgium) I'll blog about ASAP.

ITDevCon 2012

ITDevCon this year will take place in Verona, Italy (the city famous for Romeo and Juliet!) on October 25th and 26th. The conference is organized by Bittime, the Italian distributor of Embarcadero products my company works with, and has sessions in Italian and English (although I'm supposed to give my talks in Italian this year). The speakers line up (under the supervision of Daniele Teti) is quite impressive with Pawel Glowacki, Ray Konopka, Primoz Gabrijelcic, Jeroen Pluimers, Jon Lennart Aasenden (of Smart Mobile Studio), and several Italian speakers including Mauro Botta (of MIDA), Marco Breveglieri, Gianni Degli Esposti, Luca Giacalone, plus Daniele Teti, Fabrizio Biitti, and several others from Bittime.

The conference quality is generally above average, the speakers line up is interesting, the city great... so you should consider getting to Verona next week even if you don't live in Italy. If you live in Italy and do Delphi... well, that's an event you shouldn't miss!

My Sessions at ITDevCon 2012

At the ITDevCon conference I'll give 3 sessions (likely in Italian):


  • Delphi e Windows 8, covering how the operating system is changing, how to support it in Delphi today, the Metropolis UI project (including the live tile component), and perspectives on the future. This is scheduled for the day Windows 8 ships !
  • Firemonkey Evolution, focused on what's new in FM2, the version of FireMonkey in Delphi XE3
  • Developing Web Sites with jQuery and Delphi DataSnap REST, kind of a classic for me, covering DataSnap REST architecture, my own extensions, JavaScript, jQuery, and much more.


I'll tweet and blog about the event next week.